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Investment Management

("RAISE Investment Strategies")

At VAL-Trust Financial Group, LLC, we believe no two investors are alike. Therefore, in order to help each client meet their financial goals, we base our process on a client focusedpersonalized approach using multiple strategies. Our advice and recommendations are tailored to our clients’ investment goals, desired return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, personal income needs and tax situation. Our investment strategies are designed based on your long-term investment goals of preserving principal, maximizing income, accumulating capital and wealth transfer objectives.


As an investment advisor representative we have expanded our services by offering tactical and strategic portfolios through Brookstone Capital Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. By partnering with experienced, innovative money managers, we can actively assess global market conditions and economic data to make real-time decisions based on market trends. Our Retirement Designed Money Management System gives our clients a choice of several disciplined portfolio options to help protect what they’ve worked so hard to build.


We believe that it’s critical to defend against the devastating impact large drawdowns or market downturns can have on the long-term growth of an investment portfolio. We therefore develop and implement investment strategies specifically geared toward our client’s unique investment goals as well as their tolerance for risk.


Our approach is based on using varied strategies to help minimize downside risk. While each of our strategies has its own methodology, our main goal is to avoid large-scale losses. We believe that diversification across multiple risk-controlled strategies helps manage wealth for both performance and protection.


In attempting to avoid large losses, we utilize strategies that emphasize low correlation to broader volatile market activity, whether through hedged equity with the use of protective options, tactical strategies to dynamically adjust to market conditions, or other risk management practices. 

We offer our prospective clients a complimentary, no obligation Risk Assessment, where we provide third-party analysis of their current investments, personalized income projections, and ideas for immediate implementation. We look forward to our initial visit and finding out how we can help you get one step closer to your financial goals.